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The PKU Diet

Medical nutrition therapy

The first line of therapy to treat PKU is a phenylalanine-restricted diet. This involves medical foods which have been modified to be low in protein and medical formula which provides the nutrients a person without PKU would typically get from protein.1

On the PKU diet, high protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk and peas are avoided, in favor of cereals, starches, fruits and vegetables. Each person with PKU has a different tolerance to phenylalanine (Phe), so each person’s prescribed diet is different too.1

To maximize development and cognitive abilities, PKU treatment, including diet, formula and in some cases medication, is required for life.1

Speak with your doctors to understand how you can best manage your PKU to suit your lifestyle.

Support with JAVYGTOR

As part of your JAVYGTOR treatment you may have access to clinical support*, including continuous access to a Registered Dietitian at Cycle Vita. Make sure you always talk to your dietitian before considering any new foods or changes to your diet plan.

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*Some areas of support may not be accessible to all patients. Eligibility criteria may apply to ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state requirements, and benefits may be limited to commercially insured patients only. For more detailed information about eligibility, terms and conditions, please contact the Cycle Vita team at +1 (888) 360-8482.